Titfucking A Sexy Succubus

[F4M][Alchemist Listener][Succubus][Titfuck][Sloppy Blowjob][Begging][Reverse Cowgirl][Needy][To Hell And Back][Creampie][Every Drop][Slight Shading Of The Church]

When a fully-naked succubus appears in your summoning circle, how else could you apologize but to give her every drop of your seed?

Cute, Curious Alien Teases You With Her Tentacles

[F4M][Alien Girl][Human Guy][Tentacles][Sci Fi][Bratty][Demanding][Breeding Patterns Of An Alien Race][Aphrodisiac][Blowjob][Tentacle Job][Wet Sounds][Teasing][Specimen][Cum On Me][Species In Heat]

I’ve collected you for breeding, but I just can’t seem to control myself with you.

Angel Of Death Spares You For A Price [NSFW]

[F4M][Monster Girl][Demon][Human Listener][Fdom Vibes][Fantasy][Wounded In Battle][Barter][Kissing][Blowjob][Cunnilingus][Cowgirl][Creampie][Needy][Accidental Summoning]

Even Kings become beggars here. But you might have something I want.  

You are a warrior, cut down in the heat of battle. Your soul is taken to the in-between by an Angel of Death, who finds you interesting… and makes you a deal you don’t want to refuse.

Saved By A Horny Elf

[F4M][Strangers to Lovers][Elf Girl][Human Listener][Saving Your Ass So You Fuck Mine][Kissing][Grinding][Cowgirl][Anal][Fingering][Ass To Mouth][Blowjob][Healer][Fantasy][Switchy Vibes][Tsundere To Super Horny][SFX]

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