Cute, Curious Alien Teases You With Her Tentacles

[F4M][Alien Girl][Human Guy][Tentacles][Sci Fi][Bratty][Demanding][Breeding Patterns Of An Alien Race][Aphrodisiac][Blowjob][Tentacle Job][Wet Sounds][Teasing][Specimen][Cum On Me][Species In Heat]

I’ve collected you for breeding, but I just can’t seem to control myself with you.

2 thoughts on “Cute, Curious Alien Teases You With Her Tentacles

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  1. The queen is back! You are by far my favorite audio artist. Everything you do is so immersive and just comes off naturally. I’m a huge fan and am so glad to see another audio on your page. Please don’t give up, you’re amazing!


  2. Absolutely amazing, great work! Aliens with tentacles aren’t usually my style, but this is just S-tier immersive stuff imo and my opinion may have changed.


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