Hack And Slash

[F4M][Script Fill][Cyberpunk][Street Samurai and his Supporting Hacker][Tsundere][Confession][Working Partners to Lovers][Body Appreciation][Size Difference][Kissing][Sweet][Cunnilingus][Blowjob][Guy On Top][A little Fsub][Cyborg Fucking]

Script by u/RamblingKnight

Your Tsundere Dragon Girl Roommate Confesses Her Love

[F4M][script fill][friends to lovers] [roommates] [monstergirl] [tomboy] [tsundere] [playful teasing] [pinning you] [L-bombs] [confession] [both virgins] [kissing] [body acceptance] [wholesome] [small tits] [breastplay] [gentle fdom if you squint] [cunnilingus] [check ins] [multiple orgasms] [topping from the bottom] [riding] [creampie] [long aftercare] [shaky breaths] [trembling voice] [SFX]

This script is by u/BowTieGuy_GWA

Saved By A Horny Elf

[F4M][Strangers to Lovers][Elf Girl][Human Listener][Saving Your Ass So You Fuck Mine][Kissing][Grinding][Cowgirl][Anal][Fingering][Ass To Mouth][Blowjob][Healer][Fantasy][Switchy Vibes][Tsundere To Super Horny][SFX]

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