Your Dad’s GF Drives You Totally Crazy

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Your father’s hot new girlfriend takes a special interest in teasing you until you give in and fuck her.

In My Party Dress

[F4M][Script Fill][French Accent][Roommates To Lovers][Teasing][Mild Fdom to Fsub][Handjob][Blowjob][Edging][Riding][Creampie][Don’t Ruin My Dress][SFX][Dirty Talk][Your Cock And Cum Belong To Me][Shaky Breaths][Whisper][Titjob][Mentions of Daddy]

Script by u/WorldlyAnalyst

Making A Deal With The Village Slime Girl

[F4M][Script Fill][Kissing][Spanking][Breeding][Titjob][Blowjob][Deepthroat][Creampie][Slime Girls Are Hot][And Wet][Sex In A Cave][Wetter Is Better][Please Don’t Hunt Me][Mating][Accidental Claw Marks][Wholesome][Body Transformations]

Script by u/Eldridge_Daniels