Rebounding With The Cute Girl At The Docks

[F4M][Strangers To Lovers][Instant Connection][Romantic][Sailing][Giggling][Flirty][Casual Sex][Making Out][Fingering][Blowjob][Multiple Orgasms][Cum On My Ass]

Down and out after your breakup, you move to a small coastal town and meet a cute girl at the docks. Are you willing to take another chance at love?

Seduced By The Siren Singer

[F4M][Strangers To Lovers][Hookup][One Night Stand][Siren][Under My Spell][Teasing][Dirty Talk][Making Out][Rip My Panties Off][Blowjob][Cunnilingus][Mirror Sex][Pour It Into Me][Squeeze My Throat][Twist Ending]

Drowning your sorrows after a long day at work, you decide to hit up the new cocktail lounge in the financial district. The new singer is breathtaking, and you feel an instant connection. Does she feel the same?  

Instrumental: Almost Summer by Franz Gordon (licensed by Epidemic Sound)  

Lyrics: Idk I just winged them but they’re mine and I sang em.

Saved By A Horny Elf

[F4M][Strangers to Lovers][Elf Girl][Human Listener][Saving Your Ass So You Fuck Mine][Kissing][Grinding][Cowgirl][Anal][Fingering][Ass To Mouth][Blowjob][Healer][Fantasy][Switchy Vibes][Tsundere To Super Horny][SFX]

Kissing The Christmas Elf

[F4M][Strangers to Lovers][Christmas Eve][Flirting][Two Truths and a Lie][Keeping Each Other Company][Elf Girl][Human Guy][Coffee Shop][Making Out][Breastplay][Bend Me Over The Bar][Panty Sniffing][Cunnilingus][From Behind][Blowjob][Creampie]

Business Expenses

[F4M] [F4A] [strangers] [public] [anonymous] [impulsive] [sneaky] [free dessert] [perks off the books] [stress relief] [fingering] [under the table] [hold the moan] [cunnilingus] [double O] possibly [cheating]

Written by u/MyAuralFixation

Losing Your Virginity To An Escort

You just moved out on your own and decide to celebrate by hiring me to take your virginity.

[F4M][Strangers to Lovers][Virginity][Blind][Hired Girlfriend][Sensual Touching][Sexual Exploration][Fingering][Blowjob][Cowgirl][Kissing][Gentle][Flirting][Multiple Orgasms][Roleplay][Fantasy][Dirty Talk]

Your Wife For Hire Goes The Extra Mile

Need help getting your rich family to release your inheritance? I’m available for all your wifey needs…

[F4M][Arrangement][Strangers To Lovers][Making Out][Massage][Flirting][Cunnilingus][Sloppy Blowjob][Begging][Cum On My Tits][Weekend Getaway]

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