Magical Mishap Gone Right

[F4M][Script Fill][Wizard Apprentices][Rivals to Lovers][Tsundere][Tomboy][Lab Accident][Body Modification][Skinny Nerds Turned Hot][Sweet][All Dem Kisses][Confession][Aphrodisiac][Rough Sex][Switching Positions][Two Creampies][Aftercare]

Script by u/angel_main and u/TheSomnambulistWolf

Small-Town Girl Needs To See You One Last Time Before Leaving For The Big City

[F4M] [Script Fill] [Wholesome] [Passionate] [Emotional] [Reuniting Former Lovers] [Kissing] [Fingering] [Sloppy blowjob] [Deepthroat] [Doggy-style] [Pinning her down] [Creampie] [Rough sex] [Under the Stars] [Whispers]

Script by u/Forest_Firefly

Two Pump Chump

[TABOO CONTENT – Rape Fantasy]

[F4M][Script Fill][Yandere][Rape][Drugs][Abduction][Imprisonment][City Boy][Country Gal][Adults][Death Threats] mentions of previous [Murders][Southern Hospitality][Blowjob][Rough Sex][Riding][Creampie][Cum Inside Me][Take My Horse To The Old Town Road][Ride Till We Can’t No More]

Script by u/Sketchybynature

I’m Having You For Breakfast


[F4M] [Incest] [Siblings] [Older Sister] [Established Relationship] [Blowjob] [Cunnilingus] [Hair Pulling] [Tit Slapping] [Spanking] [Rough Sex] [Ass Play] [Cum Play] [Facial] [Light Degradation] [Giggles] [All Dem Kisses] [Order Up] [Not My Fault Ur Hot] [Almost Caught]

Punk Rock Girl Fucks A Bookish Nerd

[F4M][Tomboy][Alt Girl][Nerdy Guy][Meeting At A Bookstore][Kissing][Cunnilingus][Quick BJ][Grinding][Light Choking][Hairpulling][Hand Over Mouth][Dirty Talk][Pull Me Into Your Thrusts][Doggy][Cowgirl][Rough Sex][Anal][Thumb And Cum In My Ass][Wet Noises][SFX]

Gonna Cuff Me, Detective?: Seduced by a Thief

[F4M] [Script Fill] [Enemies to Lovers] [Film Noir] [Tragic Backstory] [Switch] [Gentle Fdom to Gentle Fsub] [Handcuffs] [Blowjob] [Cunnilingus] [Cowgirl] [Missionary] [Rough Sex] [Cum on Stomach] [Run Away with Me, Detective] [Now’s Our Chance]

Script by u/MarlonBolano