Two Pump Chump

[TABOO CONTENT – Rape Fantasy]

[F4M][Script Fill][Yandere][Rape][Drugs][Abduction][Imprisonment][City Boy][Country Gal][Adults][Death Threats] mentions of previous [Murders][Southern Hospitality][Blowjob][Rough Sex][Riding][Creampie][Cum Inside Me][Take My Horse To The Old Town Road][Ride Till We Can’t No More]

Script by u/Sketchybynature

Two Scoops Of Unconscious

[TABOO CONTENT – Rape Fantasy]

[F4F] [Fdom] [Yandere] [Rape] [Drugging] [Cunnilingus] [Fingering] [Friends to Twisty Lovers] [Jealousy] [Whispers] [Gaslighting] [Forced Orgasms] [Choking] [Whipping] [Threats] [Knifeplay] [Bondage] [Body Betrayal] [Giggles] [SFX] [I’mma Eat You Like Ice Cream]

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