Don’t You Remember Me, Daddy?


[F4M][Incest][Daddy/Daughter][Post-Accident][Taking Care of You][Memory Loss][Reminiscing][Sweet and Twisted][Coercion][It’s OK, I Want You To][Nipple Play][Kissing][Blowjob][Fingering][Gentle][Multiple Orgasms][Begging][Lots of “Daddy”s]

Slutty Girlfriend Wants To Share You

I saw the way you were looking at my friends tonight… and it really turns me on.

[F4M][GFE][Switchy][Open Communication][Gentle Fdom][Bondage][Making Out][Blowjob][Cunnilingus][Fantasizing][Fuck My Friends][Sharing][Face Riding][Desperate][Self-Degradation][Nipple Play]

Can You Handle Four Horny MILFs At Once? [COLLAB]

Spring is MILF season, and I teamed up with three of my gorgeous friends to bring you this tasty hour-long collab audio.

[FFFF4M][gentle fdom] [girls’ night] [you are the snack] [tied up] [panty gag] [tits in your face] [ball sucking] [blowjob] [cowgirl] [anal] [face sitting] [nipple play] [whispering] [kissing] [stroking your hair] [taking turns] [can you last?] [good boy]


Audi (that’s me) as the Leader

SnakeySmut as Victoria the Tease

LookingForMyBlueSky as Blue the Innocent

HiGirly as Ruby the Expert

Script written by u/HighlyAdventurous

Editing by u/kilbeggan32

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