Angel Of Death Spares You For A Price [NSFW]

[F4M][Monster Girl][Demon][Human Listener][Fdom Vibes][Fantasy][Wounded In Battle][Barter][Kissing][Blowjob][Cunnilingus][Cowgirl][Creampie][Needy][Accidental Summoning]

Even Kings become beggars here. But you might have something I want.  

You are a warrior, cut down in the heat of battle. Your soul is taken to the in-between by an Angel of Death, who finds you interesting… and makes you a deal you don’t want to refuse.

Your Dad’s GF Drives You Totally Crazy

[F4M][Older Woman][College Man][Fdom][Mommy Honorific][Enemies To Lovers][Handjob][Slutty][Good Boy][Ass Play][Stolen Panties][Sloppy Blowjob][Cunnilingus][Doggy Style][Titfucking][Cum On My Tits][Wear My Scent]

Your father’s hot new girlfriend takes a special interest in teasing you until you give in and fuck her.

Why’s My Tomboy Best Friend So Cute In A Maid Dress?

[F4M][Script Fill][Tomboy][MD/lb][ADULTS][Maid Cafe][Childhood Friend][Shy Listener][Best Friends to Lovers][Gentle FDom] to playful/acting as [Fsub][Confession][Jealousy][Possessive][Fingering][Cowgirl][Blowjob][Deepthroat]

Script by u/ScriptPotato

Just Like We Always Wanted


[F4M][fdom][yandere][incest][little sister][rape] via [sleep play][established relationship][blowjob][creampie][breeding][possessive][teasing][slapping][choking][name calling(slut/whore)][very light degradation][CEI][giggles][whispers][multiple orgasms][SFX]

Two Scoops Of Unconscious

[TABOO CONTENT – Rape Fantasy]

[F4F] [Fdom] [Yandere] [Rape] [Drugging] [Cunnilingus] [Fingering] [Friends to Twisty Lovers] [Jealousy] [Whispers] [Gaslighting] [Forced Orgasms] [Choking] [Whipping] [Threats] [Knifeplay] [Bondage] [Body Betrayal] [Giggles] [SFX] [I’mma Eat You Like Ice Cream]

Love Letter To My Good, Sweet Boy

[F4M][Gentle Fdom][Msub][MD/lb] one mention of [Mommy][Narrative][Smoking Fetish][Cigarettes][High Heels][Lick My Stilettos][Foot Worship][Cunnilingus][Cum On My Stockings][Possessiveness][Good Boy][Whispers][Mild Degradation (slut/whore)][Shaky Breaths][Mine]

Hacker Colleague Saves Your Porn Stash From Ransomware

[F4M][Script Fill][Light Fdom][Hacker Girl][Cyberpunk][Office Setting][Semi Public][Foul Mouthed][Outercourse][Cunnilingus][Ass-job][Technobabble][SFX][Geek][Scrolling Ur Porn While You Eat Me Out][Tough Girl][Tomboy][Teasing]

Script by u/breathingdirtyair505

Your Tsundere Dragon Girl Roommate Confesses Her Love

[F4M][script fill][friends to lovers] [roommates] [monstergirl] [tomboy] [tsundere] [playful teasing] [pinning you] [L-bombs] [confession] [both virgins] [kissing] [body acceptance] [wholesome] [small tits] [breastplay] [gentle fdom if you squint] [cunnilingus] [check ins] [multiple orgasms] [topping from the bottom] [riding] [creampie] [long aftercare] [shaky breaths] [trembling voice] [SFX]

This script is by u/BowTieGuy_GWA