Your Dad’s GF Drives You Totally Crazy

[F4M][Older Woman][College Man][Fdom][Mommy Honorific][Enemies To Lovers][Handjob][Slutty][Good Boy][Ass Play][Stolen Panties][Sloppy Blowjob][Cunnilingus][Doggy Style][Titfucking][Cum On My Tits][Wear My Scent]

Your father’s hot new girlfriend takes a special interest in teasing you until you give in and fuck her.

Cream Filled Hufflepuff

[F4M] [Script Fill] [Professor/Student] [Adult] [Naive Girl] [Manipulative Man] [Needy] [Gaslighting] [Fingering] [Doggy Style] [Creampie] [Hogwarts School Girls] [Harry Potter] [Dirty Talk] self [Degradation] lots of [Good Girl] [Shut Your Mouth] [And Run Me Like A River]

Script written by u/Sketchybynature

Punk Rock Girl Fucks A Bookish Nerd

[F4M][Tomboy][Alt Girl][Nerdy Guy][Meeting At A Bookstore][Kissing][Cunnilingus][Quick BJ][Grinding][Light Choking][Hairpulling][Hand Over Mouth][Dirty Talk][Pull Me Into Your Thrusts][Doggy][Cowgirl][Rough Sex][Anal][Thumb And Cum In My Ass][Wet Noises][SFX]

Kissing The Christmas Elf

[F4M][Strangers to Lovers][Christmas Eve][Flirting][Two Truths and a Lie][Keeping Each Other Company][Elf Girl][Human Guy][Coffee Shop][Making Out][Breastplay][Bend Me Over The Bar][Panty Sniffing][Cunnilingus][From Behind][Blowjob][Creampie]

Fucking Your Hot Personal Trainer

[F4M][Gentle Fdom][Fitness Dick In My Mouth][Blowjob][Fingering][Cunnilingus] [Teasing][Working Out][Nipple Play][Flexible][Confidence][Creative Use Of Gym Equipment][Ripped Yoga Pants][Doggy Style][Against a Mirror]

Delightfully Degraded By Your Dominant GF

[F4M][FDomme][Msub][Kink Exploration][Degradation][Mistress][Bootlicking][Lingerie][Humiliation][Established Relationship][Terms of Endearment: “Puppy” “Slut” “Good Boy” “Worthless” “Pathetic”][Spanking][Cunnilingus][Doggy Style][Multiple Female Orgasms][Blowjob][Teasing][Cum On Yourself][Cuddling][Praise][You’re My Fuck Toy]

Reunion In The Mountains


[F4M] [incest] [outdoor] [camping] [catching up] [tomboy] [post-concert high] [also just high] [carpe diem] [naked in the grass] [under the stars] [cowgirl] [breast play] [doggy] [the best kind of lube] [anal] [sibling rivalry]

This weekend couldn’t be more perfect. Catching our old favorite band that we never thought we’d see, getting a rare chance to have some real sexy fun times like we used to… I wonder if there’s a way we could also make the occasion a little extra special while we’re at it?

Written by u/MyAuralFixation

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