Just Like We Always Wanted


[F4M][fdom][yandere][incest][little sister][rape] via [sleep play][established relationship][blowjob][creampie][breeding][possessive][teasing][slapping][choking][name calling(slut/whore)][very light degradation][CEI][giggles][whispers][multiple orgasms][SFX]

I’m Having You For Breakfast


[F4M] [Incest] [Siblings] [Older Sister] [Established Relationship] [Blowjob] [Cunnilingus] [Hair Pulling] [Tit Slapping] [Spanking] [Rough Sex] [Ass Play] [Cum Play] [Facial] [Light Degradation] [Giggles] [All Dem Kisses] [Order Up] [Not My Fault Ur Hot] [Almost Caught]

Love Letter To My Good, Sweet Boy

[F4M][Gentle Fdom][Msub][MD/lb] one mention of [Mommy][Narrative][Smoking Fetish][Cigarettes][High Heels][Lick My Stilettos][Foot Worship][Cunnilingus][Cum On My Stockings][Possessiveness][Good Boy][Whispers][Mild Degradation (slut/whore)][Shaky Breaths][Mine]

Your Girlfriend Watches You Fuck Her Best Friend

You play the role of my boyfriend – we’ve allowed my best friend to stay with us for our high school reunion, but she’s been flirting openly with you all week. I decide to get my revenge in a way that pleasures all of us – by having a hot, sexy threesome.

This delectable script was written by u/TA_75

[F4M][Mild Fdom][Threesome][Voyeurism][Degradation][Nerdy to Slutty][Blowjob][Cunnilingus][Doggystyle][Mutual Orgasm]