Ooh, it’s so bright in here! Nooo don’t shoo me out! If I fuck you will you let me stay??

[F4M] [Script Fill] [Peppy] [Bratty] [Moth girl] [Monster girl] [Blowjob] [Rub my antennae!] [Squirting] [Suuuuper messy] [Creampie] [Keep cumming! It’s so warm!] [Let’s sleep with the lights on!] [Giggles]

Script by u/therealshawnalee

You’ve Edged Me Long Enough, Now Let Me Cum

I’m aching for your cock every minute of every day. Does that make me a slut, Daddy?

[F4M][Brat][Begging][Needy][Fsub][DDlg][Daddy Honorific][Edging][Horny][Whining][Masturbation][Fingering][L-bomb][Kissing][Creampie][Permission to Cum][Cuddling]