Your Big Sis Teaches You Foreplay


[F4M] [Script Fill] [Incest] [Caring] [Playful] [Educating] [“Accidental” Cheating] [Let’s Play Pretend] [Kissing] [Trust] [Massage] [Nibbles] [Pussy Licking] [Eye Contact] [Teasing] [Sucking] [Tender] [Possessive] [Unprotected Sex] [L-Bombs] [Creampie] [Good Boy]

Script by u/LateStageInfernalism

Reunion In The Mountains


[F4M] [incest] [outdoor] [camping] [catching up] [tomboy] [post-concert high] [also just high] [carpe diem] [naked in the grass] [under the stars] [cowgirl] [breast play] [doggy] [the best kind of lube] [anal] [sibling rivalry]

This weekend couldn’t be more perfect. Catching our old favorite band that we never thought we’d see, getting a rare chance to have some real sexy fun times like we used to… I wonder if there’s a way we could also make the occasion a little extra special while we’re at it?

Written by u/MyAuralFixation