Riding The Edge & First Time Squirting

My hand tightens around the hilt of the knife as I rock the blade through the peppers I’m currently chopping. Beads of sweat bloom across my forehead and I quickly wipe them away with the back of my hand before returning to my task.

It’s not the work that’s making me sweat, however. It’s the vibrator comfortably seated inside my pussy, pulsing with increasing frequency. It’s currently being controlled by someone in another country, someone who enjoys toying with me and pushing me to the very edge of my limits. I struggle to remain calm, breathing steadily, trying not to alert any of my co-workers to the fact that as I stand beside them in this spacious industrial kitchen, I’m being rendered mindless with lust from the toy inside me.

I feel my cunt growing slicker and fluttering, biting back a moan and swallowing it as a co-worker comes up to ask me something. They need to repeat the question twice more before I can make heads or tails of it.

I’ve been working up to this moment, first wearing the vibe around the house to get comfy, then taking short trips outside. This is the first time I’ve tried working with it in, and I’m struggling. All I want to do is press myself against the counter and rut until I explode, but I’ve been given strict instructions not to cum until I get back home.

The day passes in a haze, and I manage to make it across the field to the bus stop without my knees buckling. The ride home, however, is an even bigger challenge. The bus hits every pothole and each movement bumps the toy until I’m trying to grind subtly into the seat, soaking my panties and aching for release. I’ve been teetering on the edge for five hours at this point, my cunt is throbbing and my nipples are painfully hard against the fabric of my bra.

As the bus pulls into the station, I feel a sudden fullness. An unfamiliar feeling, but not an unpleasant one. I disembark and make my way across the parking lot, toward my street, my mind entirely focused on how hard I’m going to cum when I get in the door. I’m nothing but need, hornier than I’ve ever been from the teasing and exhibitionism… being secretly naughty gets me hot, especially when there’s a risk of being caught by strangers.

With shaking hands, I fit my key inside the lock and turn it, bursting inside my apartment. No one else is home, so I slide my hand into my leggings and rub my hard, throbbing clit with quick fingers. Bucking my hips and throwing my head back against the door, my body tenses as my orgasms slam into me. I cum so hard I’m silent at first, and then I’m screaming. I turn off the toy and lay on the floor, panting, my whole body shuddering with pleasure like I’ve never known. I feel like a slut. A whore. A needy piece of fuckmeat. I feel beautiful, a divine being of pure lust.

Shakily, I climb to my feet and stagger to the bathroom to remove my toy and clean myself up. I tug my leggings and ruined panties down over my trembling thighs and toss them aside, reaching for the toy and slowly pulling it out.

For hours, I’ve felt so full, and I know once the vibrator leaves my body I’ll feel empty again. But what I don’t expect is the very solid splash of liquid that hits the linoleum as my greedy pussy relinquishes the toy.

For a moment I’m stunned. This has never happened before – the liquid is clear and unlike anything I’ve ever seen come out of my body.

And then it hits me – that feeling of fullness on the bus. I squirted. I, a thirtysomething year old woman, had not only squirted for the first time in my life, but I had done so on public transit, held it inside, and masturbated. The thought alone is enough to send another flood of arousal to my already abused pussy.

I clean my mess and my toy, then go to my bedroom and strip off all my clothes. I’m too horny, and even the earth shattering orgasms I had in the hallway aren’t enough to satisfy me. But I need to be naked, need to be able to run my hands over my bare breasts while I fuck myself again.

I stretch out on my bed, getting comfortable and spreading my legs. I move one hand over my breasts, pinching the nipples and twisting them between my fingers. My other hand moves down, stroking between my thighs, gathering the wetness and rubbing my clit with the pads of my fingers.

I moan and whimper, writhing until the sheets begin to knot. Eyes shut, mouth open, bucking my hips into my own hand. I slide my fingers in my cunt and at that point my brain shuts completely off. I am no more than an animal in heat, solely focused on the building pressure inside me and racing toward the relief my climax will bring.

It isn’t long before another orgasm sweeps through my body and I’m crying out, so loud I’m sure the neighbors can hear me. Tears spring to my eyes and the pleasure is so much that it’s almost painful.

I come down slowly, a chill settling over my heated skin. I pull the blankets up around me as my breathing begins to slow, and I bask in the afterglow of my debauchery. Sexual discovery really never ends and I have so much more to learn about my own body.

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