Devour Me

I hear it before I feel it, the swift stinging of your hand across the sensitive flesh of my ass. The burn blooms like a flower and my skin reddens where you spanked me.

I’m addicted to this part, when you give over to your need and pound in and out of me, raw, ragged, and animalistic. It’s my favorite kind of sex, the kind that always leaves me sweaty and breathless. You’re behind me, the fingers of one hand digging into my hip and the other marking my ass with your love. Over and over. Until I almost can’t take any more.

I arch my back and press my face into the mattress, granting you better access to my soaking wet cunt, taking you deeper inside my fluttering walls. The headboard slams into the wall behind us, tiny chips of paint cracking off and floating to the floor while I float closer to the ceiling.

You bring your hand up to cup my throat, squeezing gently and cutting off my air. My cunt tightens around your cock in response and I lean harder into your hand. Your breath is hot against my ear as you growl “Cum on my cock first, then you can breathe.”

My head throbs and my pussy aches with need – I’m so very close to exploding and the need to cum or breathe or faint are all jumbled up and overwhelming. But you can read my body like a book, you always know just what I need, and you move your hand from my hip to my clit and press your thumb into it, hard.

I don’t cum. I obliterate. Gasping for air, wordless screams scraping their way up my throat and out my mouth, my body bucking and thrashing as my cunt spasms wildly around your cock. My brain is on fire, short circuiting, there is nothing but you and I and the expanse of this universe of pleasure we’ve created. You crash over your edge shortly after, cock twitching and then shooting thick ropes of hot cum deep inside me.

There’s no sound except our panting for a long time after. The weight of you on my back is comforting and keeps me warm even as my spent body begins to cool. Finally, you stir, pulling out of me and laying down beside me, pulling me closer and wrapping us both in my blanket.

When the morning comes, I wake you up with my mouth. I never get tired of feeling your cock harden with my lips wrapped around it, hearing your breath speed up as I swirl my tongue around your shaft and cup your balls in my hand. It’s better than breakfast. When you realize you’re balls deep in my throat and begin to rock your hips, pushing my head down, then I know you’re finally conscious.

Only then will I crawl up over your body, my breasts swinging in your face, and settle myself on top of you. Trapping your hard cock between us, grinding into you as your hands find my tits and my tongue slips inside your mouth. And when you angle yourself perfectly to slip inside me I’m made whole again. Driven by my animalistic need to take you, to own you in this moment, to bite down on your shoulder in the throes of passion hard enough to make it ache all the way through your workday.

I want you to taste me, smell me, and feel me while you’re at work so when you come back home again, you devour me.

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